Wärtsilä - Rethinking Energy in Southeast Asia

Wärtsilä just held a press conference to launch their report "Rethinking Energy in Southeast Asia: Snapping our future with a clear roadmap to net zero" 

In the press conference, Febron Siregar, Sales Director explained the report, which Wärtsilä conducted regarding Renewable Energy and introduced their solution towards the decarbonization trends, and Indonesian government's target to achieve net zero by 2050. 

Wärtsilä was already established in 1834 and has 200 active locations around the globe. In Indonesia, Wärtsilä was already established in 1978. Their vision is clear as they want to move towards a 100% Renewable Energy future.

Some of the key findings from the report are:

  1. Net zero target is technically and commercially feasible for Southeast Asian power systems
  2. Renewable energy can meet rising demand at a lower cost of production than legacy fossil fuel baseload
  3. Phasing out coal should be a priority for Southeast Asia
  4. Flexible technologies are needed to support the integration of renewable energy and an optimal power mix

Apart from launching the report, Wärtsilä also introduce its business in Indonesia, and how its services contribute to stabilizing the power supply throughout the country.

Febron ends the press conference with,

“Decarbonization is feasible with current technologies and does not need to cost more.”


Find out more about their report here.