Vriens & Partners in Indonesia

Greg Arnold, Senior Associate, Vriens & Partners

Name: Greg Arnold

Title: Senior Associate

Company name: Vriens and Partners

Company headquarters: Singapore


1. What is your business/business model?

Vriens & Partners is Southeast Asia’s premier government affairs consultancy. We help provide government affairs and communications support for companies and organizations operating in the region, doing everything from landscape assessments and stakeholder maps to direct advocacy with key stakeholders.


2. How long has your company had a presence in Indonesia?  

Vriens & Partners has been operating in the region since being founded in 2009. The company has been active in Indonesia for over seven years.


3. What advice would you give Nordic companies looking to enter the Indonesian market?

Indonesia is a challenging and complex market, faced with multiple stakeholders and entrenched power behind local players. Companies should always do their best to adequately assess the sectoral landscape and any potential partners before entering and diving into the market.


4. What are some of the biggest mistakes you see foreign investors coming to Indonesia make?

Lack of knowledge about the market, the country, and any potential partners.


5. What are some trends in Indonesia that you think are noteworthy/that you are excited about?

Push for renewable energy, EVs, the New Capital City (IKN) development. Elections in 2024.


6. Why did you decide to become a member of NordCham Indonesia?

We understand and appreciate the opportunity to cooperate with world leaders in the sustainable economy to push for policies and investments that bring positive opportunities for Indonesia.


7. How can your company help Nordic companies in Indonesia?

We can provide insight into political and economic developments, assess the regulatory framework that companies need to be a part of, and support companies in developing a further understanding of potential partners and the market.


8. How can other members reach out to you?

Email, or in-person meetings; generally prefer either morning (coffee) or evening (drinks).


9. Most underestimated Jakarta restaurant/bar in your opinion? 

Sate Afrika H. Ismail Coulibaly or Bura Bura