Nordic Get Together with Business Sweden

Home from their Scandinavian summer vacations, Nordic expats are back in Indonesia and keen to embrace the business opportunities Indonesia presents. The expats are joined by a fresh batch of diplomatic arrivals who are new to Jakarta and ready to serve.

Helping to build connections amongst both new and old arrivals, NordCham held its latest ‘Get-Together’ with Business Sweden, where they presented Team Sweden’s  Business Climate Survey Indonesia 2022. This presentation was followed by a Q&A session for NordCham members to go deeper into the report and utilise the market knowledge of the Business Sweden team.

Team Sweden, the survey’s author, comprises of Business Sweden and the Embassy of Sweden in Indonesia, along with NordCham. The latest edition is the fifth Business Climate Survey from Team Sweden, which is conducted with Swedish companies in Indonesia. The survey is a tool developed by Team Sweden to acquire first-hand insights from Swedish companies with a presence in this market to review business trends, issues, and challenges.

Aside from the Business Climate Survey Indonesia 2022, the event also included networking for various Nordic businesses in Indonesia amongst the more than twenty participants.

Our Nordic Get-Together is a monthly event every first of Thursday of the month. It provides people with not only networking opportunities but insights about what’s happening in the Nordic business community in Indonesia.