NordCham Get Together with Asia Perspective

Enjoyed by over twenty attendees, NordCham’s last ‘Get Together’ of 2022 took place at the Venom Café in Jakarta on December 1st. Held in collaboration with Asia Perspective, the event focused on sourcing and supply chain disruption across Asia.


The evening’s highlight was a presentation by Marcus Sohlberg and Johanna Li of Asia Perspective. Focused on ‘Uncovering the trends in sourcing’, Marcus and Johanna summarised the findings of Asia Perspective’s sourcing surveys, which measured the perception of China as a sourcing market and how this has varied over time. A lively Q&A session followed the presentation, with NordCham members asking a range of questions regarding their own business sourcing challenges.


Asia Perspective’s survey focused on companies looking to diversify their supply chain and move away from being reliant on solely Chinese suppliers. The survey further investigates the prevalence of this phenomenon and the underlying causes of this. Particular topics raised for diversification of supply chains included; the increasing demand for transparency and compliance towards sustainability programs, uncertain macro-economic outlooks, and the need for companies to re-assess rapidly shifting costs and risk factors following a turbulent period of supply chain disruption.


Following the conclusion of the presentation and Q&A session, a networking evening for NordCham members was held, enabling them to connect and discuss shared challenges.


Thanks to Venom Café and Carlsberg for their support putting on the successful evening.