Gojek's big data wizard, Mr. Ramda Yanurzha, Vice-President of Research

The audience was interested to learn more about Gojek's sustainability strategy
Participants from a wide range of industries were present
Several participants seized the opportunity to network with the big data wizard of Gojek

We had a great NordCham breakfast presentation with Mr. Ramda Yanurzha, Vice-President of Research at Gojek this morning. 

He talked about the evolution of Gojek and how they adapt ride-hailing and the super app strategy to the unique Indonesian market.

Followed by an excellent Q&A session where Mr. Ramda shared his thoughts on everything from the future of the crazy e-wallet landscape in Indonesia, cashbacks, Indonesian consumer behaviour and loyalty (or lack thereof), how businesses successfully leverage Indonesians thirst for promo's, Gojek's strategy on Electrical Vehicles, as well as what Gojek is doing on sustainability.